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Algae Farm to Produce 4.4 Million Gallons of Experimental Jet Fuel

An Arizona energy company is betting big on algae. PetroSun Biofuels has opened a commercial algae-to-biofuels farm on the Texas Gulf Coast near scenic Harlingen Texas. The farm is a 1,100 acre network of saltwater ponds, 20 acres of which will be dedicated to researching and developing an environmental jet fuel. PetroSun’s gameplan is to […]

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Volts-Wagen

I love how he starts out his home vid picking up his little baby out of the car. Just kinda like, “Oh hello there! You just so happen to catch me in the middle of my perfect life alongside my Volts-Wagen!” Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be him.

The Organic Import

Organic simply means any of the variety of non genetically modified (No-GMO) food product(s) grown and/or containing ingredients that have been produced without the use of antibiotics, chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Organic agriculture is also directly related to the wellness of our environment as conventional agricultural practices are known to erode soil, create superbugs, contaminate […]

Solar Energy Systems Solar Array Install – Milford, CT. 350kW

For your viewing pleasure, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Or you can just copy this link: P.S. – In the lower right hand corner of the slideshow, click options. Then click “Embiggen items” & “Always show title & description”