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Category Archives: Green Gossip

The Bottled Water Controversy

It’s funny. If you talk green and excercise your conciousness near others, it will only be so long before people will throw it back in your face, and call you a hypocrite. For example, I’ve recently been given a whole lotta gruff about my bottled water consumption. Here’s what we know about buying Bottled Water: […]

Algae Farm to Produce 4.4 Million Gallons of Experimental Jet Fuel

An Arizona energy company is betting big on algae. PetroSun Biofuels has opened a commercial algae-to-biofuels farm on the Texas Gulf Coast near scenic Harlingen Texas. The farm is a 1,100 acre network of saltwater ponds, 20 acres of which will be dedicated to researching and developing an environmental jet fuel. PetroSun’s gameplan is to […]

Oooh Guurl…He Want My Vote Bad!

Looks like Obama really wants my vote. Democratic nominee and all-around superhero Barack Obama took the weekend “off” after a pretty low-key, non-eventful week and enjoyed a bike ride around Lake Michigan on Sunday. With gas prices now creeping ever-faster towards $5/gal, we’re happy to see the democratic contender enjoying a little two-wheel action. The […]

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Volts-Wagen

I love how he starts out his home vid picking up his little baby out of the car. Just kinda like, “Oh hello there! You just so happen to catch me in the middle of my perfect life alongside my Volts-Wagen!” Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be him.

Don’t Be Sad Bloomy!

ALBANY — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s far-reaching plan to ease traffic in Manhattan died in a closed conference room on the third floor of the Albany, New York state capital. Democratic members of the State Assembly held one final meeting to debate the merits of Mr. Bloomberg’s plan and found overwhelming and persistent opposition. The […]

Solar Energy Systems Solar Array Install – Milford, CT. 350kW

For your viewing pleasure, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Or you can just copy this link: P.S. – In the lower right hand corner of the slideshow, click options. Then click “Embiggen items” & “Always show title & description”

Building Up instead of Out

These green buildings are a far stretch from the ugly concrete skin of low-rise development that have engulfed much of the world. It’s such a shame that creativity and attention to detail cost a premium. And play this song because it has nothing to do with anything in this blog: Sometimes – Erykah Badu

Celebrating Green Ink.

“The MTA will observe Earth Day (April 22nd) by stocking MetroCard vending machines with five million limited-edition green MetroCards. The cards aren’t “green” in the eco-friendly sense – they’re still not made from recycled material – they’re just, you know, green colored. So they’ve got that going for them. Oh, and some environmental factoids will […]